Exploring a city’s must-see sites in 24 hours while benefiting from a special rate is THE good deal you’re looking for on holiday ! While staying in Toulon with my family this summer, I was able to take advantage of the experience thanks to the Toulon City Pass and experience a day of visits and surprises, each one more enjoyable than the last… Here’s an overview of a memorable day !

The perfect formula…

The day after our arrival in Toulon, reflex number 1 : go to the Tourist Office! We stay here for a few days; we need a map to find our way and practical information on activities to do with children. We also really wanted to visit the city and to know the major sites while being careful about our vacation budget… Very quickly, the Toulon City Pass was presented to us, the ideal formula was there !

Without further hesitation, we took our Toulon City Pass, excited at the idea of immersing ourselves in this city without really having planned it that day but knowing that the course of the visits would be well defined. This is one of the advantages of the pass, besides its low price, and it’s an important detail when you travel with your family: to have peace of mind ;-)

Promising program !

In concrete terms, the Toulon City Pass allows you to visit the city’s must-see sites and to take advantage of discounts in the stores. It’s up to us to organize our 24 hours as we see fit ! The details of the program, especially with a perfect weather, are promising : visit of the harbor by boat, tourist train to the beaches, cable car of Mount Faron, national museum of the Navy. The “plus”: discounts at a selection of shops in Toulon, usable until the end of the year !

Toulon by the sea…

We choose to organize our day in two parts : Toulon seaside in the morning and Mount Faron in the afternoon. We start with a commented visit of the harbor by boat, an experience to live absolutely to discover the city and its maritime heritage. The ships in the naval base, the forts as well as the natural environment of the site itself, amaze us.

We then headed for the National Maritime Museum to complete the visit of the harbor. It is located at the end of the harbor, not far from the docks, so the timing is perfect. In this museum, we are literally immersed in the history of the Navy in Toulon through paintings, models and objects of the daily life of sailors who have crossed time. The children do not lose a crumb of the visit !

Musée National de la Marine

At the exit of the museum, we plan the touristic train ride from the port. As we have a little time in front of us, we take advantage of it to have a refreshment break in a café with a view on the boats quietly moored. Here, dinghies, launches, military ships and ferries are mixed ! The sun is still shining, and we feel out of place…the vacations are here.

Pretty memories

Back at the port, a well-deserved lunch on the terrace is a must. We walk up the colorful and appetizing market of the Cours Lafayette – we can only recommend this other must-see ! – and we stroll through the small streets and squares so typical of Provence. We are in the mood for some shade and freshness, our expectations are fulfilled with a small restaurant located near a fountain. We have the feeling at this precise moment to taste the art of living in Toulon and this moment shared in family will remain a very pretty memory !

Toulon panoramic format !

Our afternoon is dedicated to Mount Faron. This emblematic hill of limestone and pine forest dominates Toulon, and you can reach its summit by cable car. From the city, we just have to take the bus line that leads to the departure of the famous red cabin ! There again, with our Toulon City Pass, we feel well guided and are eager to live the experience…

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The cable car rides up is a spectacle, rich in emotions ! The children still remember the window on the ground and the feeling of vertigo with the breathtaking view of the city. We spent a good part of the afternoon walking in the middle of nature with the song of the cicadas, observing the panoramic view on the harbor and the environment which surrounds it : still an ideal spot to make beautiful photos ! And as we were told at the Tourist Office, there are many activities to do with the family at the summit: visit the faun breeding center, walks on the marked trails, visit the D-Day Memorial in Provence … and even picnic areas under the pine trees. One thing is sure : we will be back !