Contemporary or classical, culture in Toulon comes in every shape, size and colour. The city offers a good variety of cultural facilities, combining artistic excellence with accessibility to the widest audience.

The Museums of Toulon

Museums might be closed between two exhibitions. We advise you to contact them before your visit.

Disabled facilities : museums do not possess special facilities unless stipulated.

Musée d’Art (Art Museum)

113, av. Général Leclerc – ph. +33(0)4 94 36 81 15
The Art Museum on the Toulon City hall Website
Home to the city library and art museum (extensive collection of works from the Provencal school). Free entry.

Disabled facilities :
Access ramp.

Porte monumentale de l'Arsenal
Musée National de la Marine (Naval Museum)

Place Monsenergue (entrance to naval base) – ph. +33(0)4 22 42 02 01

Numerous scale models, figureheads, paintings, charts and etchings illustrating Toulon’s glorious maritime past. Audio guide available.

Disabled facilities : 
Free for disabled visitors and accompanying persons according to degree of handicap.
Handicapped parking spots adjacent to the Town Hall and port car park. Parking, toilet.

Musée d’Histoire de Toulon et sa région (History museum)

10, rue Saint-Andrieu – ph. +33(0)4 94 62 11 07
The History Museum on the Toulon City Hall Website
This museum collects and exhibits numerous works of art, objects and souvenirs portraying the social, economic, military, religious and artistic history of Toulon and the region. Free entry.

Maison de la Photographie (Photo Museum)

Place du Globe – ph. +33(0)4 94 93 07 59
The Photo Museum on the Toulon City Hall Website
This museum stages temporary photo exhibitions, including contemporary works and thematic shows on the history of Toulon and its vicinity. Free entry.

Disabled facilities : 
Lift to upper floor, toilet. Guided tours for visually impaired or blind person.
>> Please note that the Maison de la Photographie is currently inaccessible for disabled people due to a technical problem.

Galerie des Musées (GAM)

22,24 rue Pierre Semard
ph. +33(0)4 94 36 36 22
The Museums’ Gallery on the Toulon City Hall Website
Open in spring 2019, this new place located in the heart of Rue Pierre Semard – the “Rue des Arts” – offers temporary exhibitions.

Hôtel des Arts TPM (Art Museum)

236, av. Général Leclerc – ph. +33(0)4 94 93 37 90
The “Hôtel départemental des Arts” exhibits works from the second half of the 20th century to current day. This international-level museum forms part of the prestigious “Arts Route”, running from Marseille to Menton. Free entry.

Disabled facilities : 
Entrance via rue Saunier (rear of building). Lift to first floor. Please call ahead if possible. Parking.

Museum Histoire Naturelle
Muséum départemental du Var (Natural History Museum)

Jardin Départemental du Las – 607, Chemin du Jonquet – ph. +33(0)4 83 95 44 20
The natural history museum covers the foremost naturalist disciplines, including entomology, botany, malacology, ornithology, mammalogy, mineralogy and palaeontology. Free entry.

Disabled facilities :
Main exhibits on ground floor, lift for access to first floor showcases.
Parking, toilet.

Musée des Arts Asiatiques (Asiatic Arts Museum)

169, littoral Frédéric Mistral – Le Mourillon – Villa Jules Verne – ph. +33(0)4 94 36 83 13

The “Musée des Arts Asiatiques” features a permanent exhibition of works from the Far East, India, Tibet and South-East Asia. Free entry.

Disabled facilities : 
Disabled access at rear of building. Handicapped parking spots on Bd. Eugène Pelletan
Guided tours for groups of blind and visually impaired visitors. Parking, toilet.
>> Please note that the museum is currently inaccessible for disabled people due to a technical problem.

Musée Mémorial du Débarquement (Allied Landings Museum)

8458, route du Faron – ph. +33(0)4 94 88 08 09
Allied Landings Museum on the cable car website

Set inside “Tour Beaumont” tower, this museum features various rooms dedicated to the forces who took part in the Allied Landings in Provence in August 1944. Mock-ups, photos, films and slide shows allow you to live out this unforgettable moment in France’s history.

Disabled facilities :
Please call ahead. Special entrance for disabled visitors. Accessible to accompanied disabled visitors in manual wheelchairs (assistance required on difficult sections). Parking.

Musée Jean Aicard – Paulin Bertrand (Jean Aicard and Paulin Bertrand Museum)

705 av. du 8 mai à La Garde – ph. +33(0)4 94 14 33 78
The Jean Aicar Museum of the Toulon City Hall Website
Set inside “Les Lauriers roses” villa – Jean Aicard’s source of inspiration – the museum shows paintings of his friend Paulin Bertrand. You will also discover the various places of life of the writer-poet, a collection of Clément Massier’s ceramic and the park which surrounds the house.

Toulon Opera House

Opéra de Toulon
Place Victor Hugo – ph. +33(0)4 94 92 70 78
Acclaimed for its exceptional acoustics, Toulon’s Opera House is France’s largest outside Paris.
Designed by Charles Garnier and built in 1862, most of its decoration is owed to local artists. The allegorical statues of Tragedy and Comedy situated on the southern façade were sculpted by Joseph Daumas, while the Muses on the North face are the work of Montagne. The pure Napoleon III-style red and gold interior features numerous paintings, stuccoes and bronzes. Listed monument.
Programme available at

Disabled facilities : 
Special entrance for disabled visitors rue Molière. Ground floor access, lift, reserved places, toilet. Some shows are available in audio-description.

Theatres in Toulon

Le Liberté – Scène nationale

Grand Hôtel, Place de la Liberté – ph. +33(0)4 98 00 56 76
Inaugurated in 2011 and directed by Charles Berling, the Théâtre Liberté is a multidisciplinary theatre and creative hub, targeting a wide audience.
Programme available at

Disabled facilities : 
Exterior access : ground floor / Interior access : lifts and ramps. Seats reserved in all rooms. Rooms fitted with hearing loop and infrared system. Headsets on loan (to be acquired). Some shows have audio descriptions. Discount rates for French disabled card holders. Toilet, parking.

Châteauvallon – Scène nationale

795, chemin de Chateauvallon – ph. +33(0)4 94 22 02 02
National Centre for Cultural Creation and Distribution.
Châteauvallon is a genuine local institution boasting an exceptional setting! Its amphitheatre bordered by natural scenery adds a magical dimension to the summer evening shows.
Programme available at

Disabled facilities :
Reserved seats. Please specify when buying your tickets.
Exterior and interior access : ramp and lift. Toilet, parking.

Théâtre Le Colbert

34, rue Victor Clappier – ph. +33(0)4 94 64 01 58
Humour, music, shows for kids in this theatre abandoned in the 60’s and reopened in 2016. Capacity of the hall : from 200 to 250 seats. Bar and snacking before the shows on-site.

Disabled facilities :

Exterior and interior access : groundfloor. Toilet.

Café-Théâtre de la Porte d’Italie

Place Armand Vallé – ph. +33 (0)4 94 36 34 59
Lodged inside the ancient city walls, right in the heart of Toulon, the café-theatre stages comedies and up-and-coming comic talents.
Programme available at

Disabled facilities :
Exterior access : ground floor / Interior access : 4 reserved places, hearing aid, toilet. Parking : Lafayette car park.

Espace Comédia – Théâtre de la Méditerranée

10, rue Orvès – ph. +33 (0)4 94 36 19 16
Located in the centre of the Mourillon quarter, this ancient theatre stages adaptations of classical plays, plus art house films and book readings.
Programme available at

Zenith Omega and Omega Live concert halls

Zenith Omega

95, boulevard Commandant Nicolas – ph. +33 (0)4 94 22 66 77
The Zenith Omega concert hall was inaugurated by the City Council and French State in September 1992.
This modular-size venue fronts international stars, intimate concerts and thematic fairs throughout the year.
Programme available at

Disabled facilities :

Exterior access : ground floor / Interior access : ramps and wheelchair lift. Toilet, parking.

Omega Live

95, boulevard Commandant Nicolas – ph. +33 (0)4 94 22 66 77
The Omega Live hall – the Zenith’s little sister – welcomes up-and-coming pop artists, local groups, private evenings and student events.
Programme available at

Le Télégraphe

2, rue Hyppolite Duprat – ph. +33 (0)4 94 24 04 04

Former Post office, this 1850’s building is hosting a bar and a restaurant groundfloor. On the first floor, Le Télégraphe invites you in a creative space : concerts, talks, workshops, masterclasses, dance, yoga or singing lessons…


68, avenue Victor Agostini – ph. +33 (0)4 94 24 72 74

This place is about artistic expression, discovery, exchanges…Concerts, festivals, theatre, conferences open to eveyone.