Le Petit Toulonnais


Toulon soap is the ancestor of Marseille soap !

It is no accident that in downtown Toulon is Rue des Savonnières. The first soap factory was founded in Toulon around 1430.
Between 1600 and 1650 no less than twenty soap factories multiplied in this street. Made from olive oil, Toulon soaps were renowned for their incomparable quality.
The soap trade was so intense in Toulon that more than 60,000 quintals were produced and exported every year! Every year about 60 foreign vessels landed in the port of Toulon to unload their goods and left loaded with oils and soaps.
But in 1669, Marseille, where had also developed, but well after Toulon, soap factories, benefited from a commercial privilege : the King of France proclaimed the franchise of the port of Marseille, taxing all goods entering or leaving the port of Toulon. This measure sounded the end of the golden age of soap in Toulon. In 1770 Toulon counted only 4 soap factories.


8 rue Ferdinand Pelloutier
8 rue Ferdinand Pelloutier

83000 - Toulon